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hroughout the history of the manhood, natural stones have been indispensable materials that the archiects use in orader to glorify their works.
Plain and elegant surfaces that granite and marble provide, became the feature that differentiates pieces of art from ordinary buildings. Our goal in Globus Stone is to present you the high quality stone work and to increase your life quality. On this web site, we aim to open a gate to the natural stone universe that will beautify the place you live in Our company has been working in the sector of Granite and Marble successfully for deals with manu-facture, processing, applied montage, project preparing and exportation. Wall tiles and plaques are loaded open-top or to the box containers in our factory, on our customer’s demand. Special fixation and protection apparatus are used in lorry loadings after the materials are placed. In addition, in container fixation and lashing are done on the most trustable basis, considering the hardest shipping conditions.

In short, we
With close to 10 years of experience in marble machines industry, we provide services to our customers, our specialized staff. For a long time it has been that we produce products and provide services across Europe, and Turkey in both the Asia.
We value our customers demand, and we have been at the request of private transactions.

Our mission;
- With a dynamic team work fast, high standards and maximize the level of customer satisfaction by providing quality service,
- To keep the promises made to our customers and our employees and to act against them transparent and honest.
- Work to do innovative, predictive, investors, and determined attack.
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